Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry

We recently had the opportunity to film the experience around Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry, the second largest community food pantry in Illinois. You might have a certain impression of what your local food pantry is like, or you may not even know where your local pantry is located. Understandable, certainly, but with so many people suffering through these past few years, the demand for their services is skyrocketing.

Enjoy the experience of what is Loaves & Fishes in Naperville. They not only provide much needed food for those who are struggling, they also partner with organizations that offer free services to their clients to provide not only dignity, but employment support and financial guidance. They genuinely help those in need in DuPage county to get back on their feet. The day-to-day operations to feed 10,000 people each month is staggering, and 46% are children. They coordinate a volunteer army of over 1,000 people that donate their time to the people in their community because they all believe that everyone should have access to the most basic need of food.

A truly incredible experience for us to be able to meet, interview and tell the story of  Charles McLimans, Jody Bender and all the wonderful people at Loaves & Fishes.


  1. Great looking video and it could not have been for a better Naperville cause.

    • Appreciate the kind comment Bruce, thank you. Yes, an amazing organization. We were honored to have the opportunity to tell their story.


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