Do-Gooder YouTube Awards

We surely didn’t see this one coming… the people at Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry are just plain cool.

Come on now, simply producing their video was rewarding enough, to help them spread the word about what they are accomplishing here felt easy. Yet their reaction to the end result was quite special. The executive director and community relations director were so thrilled with the story we told through video, they asked our permission to submit the video to the 6th Annual doGooder YouTube Non-Profit Video Awards.

“Uh… well, “Yeah!” was the immediate and grammatically incorrect response. We are thrilled, they are thrilled, that’s the way it should happen, right? Anyway, we know that there are thousands of non-profits submitting entries. To be selected as a finalist is probably beyond comprehension, that’s fine with us. We’re just so darn happy that they felt compelled to enter the video, we are still smiling.

So, if by some long shot our submission manages to hit the short list for public voting, you can bet you’ll be hearing from us some more. We’ll sure be hawking for some votes then. Heck, everyone else seems to be doing it, maybe we’ll get to give it try : )

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