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Business Acquisition Launch

When Rovi acquired Sonic, they called in Hildebrand Creative to launch the new organization.

Alternative Investments

If you are interested in new and unique ways to custody an asset in an IRA or, as an investment advisor, know where you can rollover your IRA portfolio – this group is your answer. This social media video is intended to educate more than any other purpose, what better way than to educate on alternative ways to explore investing.


When Rovi successfully changed from it’s original brand of Macrovision, they had to re-list on NASDAQ and relaunch the company under the new brand and offering. We were there to capture the Times Square excitement, the Rovi leadership reactions and the man-on-the-street interviews validating the new Rovi.

Social Responsibility

When Abbott Laboratories needed an international communication platform for their ethics & compliance department, they turned to us and our digital storytelling model. We used a strong themed message and ethics leadership interviews to communicate throughout the globe the direction needed.

Sales launch, make a true impact.

When Rovi needed to communicate the change in their product offerings, the direction the new company was headed, they came to us and our digital storytelling model to produce a clear, concise and targeted sales message.

ISU Angel Investor Series

Illinois State University approached Hildebrand Creative to create an online educational video series on angel investors through digital storytelling. We used our talents in poignant interviews and subject exploration to educate young entrepreneurs on how to approach and pitch their businesses to obtain start-up funding.

AAOM Annual Conference

Invited to the annual conference to capture the event, the education and to profile the doctors who make up the Association’s Board of directors. The AAOM is doing amazing things for people suffering from chronic pain.

Inaugural Naperville Ale Fest

Hildebrand Creative was proud to be asked to cover and build the event video marketing for the Inaugural Naperville Ale Fest held at Naper Settlement in downtown Naperville.

Brave New Art World

A Brave New Art World was driving younger and younger art enthusiasts into the Chicago’s River North Gallery District and we were there to cover the scene.

Carlos Jimenez – SBAC Exhibit

We had the honor and privilege to film an authentic and renowned Chicago artist to tell the story of his artistic journey.

Do-Gooder YouTube Awards

One of our favorite non-profit clients just submitted our video production to the 6th Annual YouTube DoGooder Video Awards.

Loaves & Fishes Community Pantry

Last month we had the wonderful experience of meeting the generous people that help feed those in their community that are in need.

Two Degrees – HP Social Collaboration

An amazing partnership fighting to end child hunger.

Bone Marrow Transplant Needed

Devoted sisters fight the fight of their lives together as one sister requires a bone marrow transplant to live and the other sister is a perfect donor match.

County Line Animal Hospital

A small business launch online is so rewarding. We produced the new County Line website in addition to their new YouTube channel, promotional video, doctor profile videos and a series of customer testimonials.

Launching a Dog Daycare Center

One of the greatest experiences is to build from the very beginning an entrepreneur’s vision into a reality.

Artistic Creations Salon

Helping small businesses get up on the web and engaged in social media is one of our favorites processes. One that is near and dear to our hearts. We know by helping them build their online environment that we help to directly build their business.